Jeffrey Stone

Splunker in Atlanta, Georgia

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Jeffrey Stone has always loved solving problems.

When he was younger he set out to save Environment, except three years into an Biology degree the internet became a thing and he got distracted. Thankfully though, the distraction turned out to be a calling.

For the past eighteen years he has found an endless supply of problems to solve, an endless supply of solutions thanks to ever changing Technology, and, thankfully, someone willing to pay him to do what he loves. He has had the opportunity to do it all from network administration, to disaster recovery, to application support, and software development.

These days he works to help both technology, and business influencers understand the data their applications, infrastructure, and people produce and use that data to build a better world using Splunk.

When he isn’t on the clock you can find him spending time with his wife, son, and their crazy lolcats, defeating templars in Assassin’s Creed games, rooting for the Dallas Stars, or building things out of wood.

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