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To fill out the form, you've got to be at least 18 years old. You'll need to give details about your current and past medical conditions and diseases.

Taiwan's residents to make certain they receive the healthcare attention they require. This form was there for several years now and has experienced multiple changes over recent years. However, today, all of the information you want on this form can be located inside easily. This includes important information such as the kinds of healthcare services offered, their costs and eligibility standards.

First of all, it lists the services that a Taiwan healthcare provider can provide to its patients. This includes the hospital where they may be treated, the doctors, nurses and other staff members. The list is very long, because each service has its own description. This is important in order to allow an individual to compare and pick the best provider they can find. Additionally, it lists the procedures and equipment used in providing such services and their prices.

Next is the section on drug rehab. This includes a list of drugs and medications that are included in the programs determined by the authorities for drug rehabilitation. List of AIDS drugs, AIDS treatment centers and other important information are included here. There is also a short description of how the drug rehabilitation program functions and what are its goals. This segment is quite important especially if you are thinking about enrolling your loved ones or yourself in the program. Additionally, this is the location where you can update yourself with Taiwan's National Health Services Information System (NHSIS) and other relevant details on the Taiwan health program.