Jennifer Wilson

Marketing Director, Social Media Manager, and Volunteer in Fort Worth, Texas

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I love planning events. Seeing an event come together from visualization to execution gets me all tingly inside. Event planning tickles my creative fancy while catering to my hatred of change (I'm a deep and complex creature. ha!). Events are all the same but no two are ever alike.

To say I'm a foodie is not really doing me justice. One of my dreams is to attend culinary school, so I can learn how to "properly" cook. I have a collection of cookbooks that would put Rachel Ray to shame (although not one of them is authored by her). My quirk with cooking (why shatter your image of my complexity) is that I NEVER follow the recipe.

As for my Social Media savvy - I'm intrigued by the "new media" explosion (although the concept isn't new) and I'm excited to see where we head next. I guess SM plays such a big part of my life because (along with event planning) it is my day job.