Jennifer Dorman

Bad Tölz

I am an explorer. I seek the challenges that make life interesting and rewarding. My lifelong goal is to be a perpetual learner, to stretch far and often beyond my comfort zone so that I can grow and appreciate all that life can afford me. That's why I became a teacher. Every classroom, every class is its own unique adventure that comes with its own unique set of challenges. I taught adolescents and, occassionaly, adults, for eleven years before transitioning into adult education full-time. Assisting other teachers on a regional level integrate technology motivated me to move into a national role as a manager of the Discovery Educator Network.

The time spent touring the country with the DEN and meeting thousands of educators inspired me to undertake my greatest challenge: moving abroad, mastering a new language and teaching students in their tongue. So, in December 2010, I moved to Germany and dedicated myself to learning German and acclimating to life in southern Bavaria. I'm thrilled to be a Lehrerin (teacher) at the Integrative Montessori Volksschule an der Balanstraße - teaching in German!

I love to travel and have logged millions of miles since graduating from university in 1998. When I travel, I never go with a tour group. Rather, I learn about the culture and do my best to "go local" whenever possible. In other words, I let the place inform my decisions and perceptions instead of framing the experience with another's ideas.

When I hike, my favorite hobby, it's to appreciate the mountain, the air, the sounds and the experience, not to check off another summit. These days, I go most places by foot or local transit. I don't own a car and have no desire to, ever again. The slower pace allows me to better understand and appreciate everything within and around me.

I think my love of traveling was, in large part, inspired by my love for books. I'm an avid reader, prefering books to most other forms of media and reading. The places from my books that so colorfully played upon my imagination often transformed into ideas for adventures.

In my quiet time, I enjoy knitting, writing letters (a lost art, in my estimation), and photography. I still have a huge "bucket list" that will keep me happy and occupied for decades to come.

  • Work
    • Integrative Montessori Volksschule an der Balanstr
  • Education
    • Windsor Locks High School
    • Moravian College
    • Wilkes University
    • Cambridge University CELTA