Jennifer Nakamura

San Francisco

Hi, I'm Jenn!

I live in beautiful San Francisco working as a Product Designer at Twitter. I enjoy city living with an easy escape to nature. I feel extremely lucky to be able to incorporate all the things I'm passionate about into my day-to-day life: design, technology, innovation, business, psychology, nature, health, fitness, travel, beauty, food/drink, and last but not least - my dog!

On my free time, I love fiddling with applications/gadgets - my favorites are ones are simple, well-designed, intuitive, and that prompt interaction in a refreshing and creative way. In addition, I crave a mind and body balance, and often find myself on a daily jog/hike, in a yoga or hip-hop class, or on the slopes of Tahoe snowboarding (when there's snow!). Some recent additions to my daily routine are meditation and writing. I feel that these activities help in clearing and rejuvenating my mind, as well as expanding my perspective.

My friends would describe me as a charismatic and curious person. I'm a problem solver by nature, and often times find myself obsessed with the "why". I have an insatiable thirst to discover, experience, and learn, and strive to apply this to enriching my life as well as those around me. This aspect is not only core to who I am but what I believe I bring to design. I love integrating aesthetics, functionality, emotions, relationships, and fun into design for others to consume.

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am, beyond my previous work experiences and portfolio. Thank you for reading more about me - I hope you enjoyed it!

Recent reads: Fast Co., Inc., TedTalks, Medium, Eckhert Tolle, Design, UX and psychology related books

A few of my current obsessions: Jewelry making, cooking, perfecting my pour-over coffee technique, green smoothies turned and masticating juicing, colorful fitness wear, hiking, PiYo (pilates&yoga), delicious drinks (wine+cocktails+whisky+craft beer+coffee+boba, cider), evolving habits, mental health, audio-reading, and holistic living.

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