Jennifer Dove

I am a Woman with an insatiable desire for knowledge.  The urge to seek out answers, questions and analyze everything.  Thus Life is a wonderful concordance of facts waiting to be discovered.  I enjoy reading, every book gives me another look into the eyes of someone I am not, thus I am learning more and diving deeper.  I take photographs to capture memories, I find that my minds eye sees much more than my camera can ever convey.  

I am a wife, and that is an amazing adventure in itself.  I am blessed to spend my life sharing and being interested with a multitude of minutia that makes me giggle with utter Joy inside.  My husband and I have three children, each a slice of heaven itself.  

I also love words, love to write them grab them out of the tiny crevices they try to hide and expose them to the gamma rays of my life.  I enjoy the freedom of expression, the release of emotion when the frustration is placed somewhere besides the neurons that battle for recognition.  In that I love words I speak, sometimes to a fault, hence the vice of words.

I am a lover of my Heavely Father, he is the mana of my existence.  He allows me to foster this body, to feed it with truth, to share love, kindness and joy.