Jennifer Priester

Writer, Artist, and Photographer

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I am an author, publisher, photographer and artist with selective mutism, social phobia, and mast cell disease.

My first published works are the books in my uniquely written Mortal Realm Witch series for ages 8-12 & anyone who loves to read light fantasy stories about animals and magic.

Some of my hobbies include; reading, watching TV & Movies, playing video games, listening to music, and spending time outdoors.

I love animals and currently have a Merveille, a Toy Poodle, and Kojikaki, a Mini Rex rabbit.

Due to having selective mutism and social phobia, I’m not good at the social part of social media, however I can be found on many sites. Besides what is listed below, I can also be found in the following places:



I also have a Redbubble where I sell my photography and artwork on a wide range of products.

The link to my company’s store for autographed copies of my books and other items that can only be purchased directly from me is above.

My websites for further information are:

  • Work
    • A & M Moonlight Creations