Jennifer Valley

United States

I have over five years of experience working in corporate training and one year working in K-12. During that time I’ve also worked as a receptionist, eLearning Developer, Translation Administrator, Community Manager, SharePoint Administrator and residential eLearning geek. I have a love for learning and providing materials that will help professionals succeed. I have experience in training in multiple disciplines including health, safety, compliance, customer service, information technology, soft skills, product training and sales. I’m familiar with learning models and theories but I like to regularly practice my own style which is a combination of ADDIE, Agile, and SAM. I have extensive knowledge of most tools used in the eLearning industry gained from practice, product review and an odd obsession.

I take professional development very seriously and take time out of each day to remain informed on the current topics and brush up on anything I feel is being under used. I enjoy professional development so much that I began writing my blog at the beginning of the year which is dedicated to sharing my knowledge, passion and experiences. I've used this experience to work on my communication and marketing skills, academic knowledge, website creation, social sharing and course development. I look forward to the extra time I can spend writing posts, making improvements to my site, talking with people on social media about topics and just trying to provide more value to my followers.

On a personal note, my font of choice is Calibri, I’m married, love anything technology related but still have a semi smart phone and have two wonderful sons. We share a love of gaming, watching movies and super heros. When I’m not working, spending time with my family or writing something for my blog I love watching Youtube videos, reading and I have a pinterest problem.

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