Jennifer Lacombe

Hi everybody, Jennifer W. Lacombe here. I grew up in 1888 2nd St, San Fernando, CA 91340. I'm studied at Los Angeles Valley College, graduating 2013. recently working as a real estate agent at Malaysia and sometimes at Singapore. Since joining this career I'm had focused on providing real estate services on behalf of major tenants in the Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Melaka and Johor area. Personally, I like south asian culture and food. Here i can easily find deference foods from times to times like Indian, Chinese, western or even Malay spicy food with nice. Here you people knowing a lot of language like Malay, Chinese, Indian ...etc. My goals for this summer are to gain some exposure to the finance area and begin to build some valuable career experience. I would love to get your perspective on the industry and any ideas or suggestions you might have for me. Would you be available to talk with me and knowing more about me? Please Kindly follow me thank you so much for your adding me. I'm totally appreciated. Sincerely, Jennifer W. Lacombe