Jenn Rangubphai

Artist, Consultant, and Teacher in Austin, Texas

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Jenn Rangubphai is an entrepreneurial handy-woman, a creator, and an educator. For her business school internship, in 2007, she started her consulting firm, Rangubphai Solutions, to support others starting thier own companies. Jenn knows how to turn people's skills, purpose, and passions into profitable projects.

While supporting others' dreams with an array of technical skills, academic training, and strategic vision, Jenn's ink-filled journals, color-stained sketchbooks, and boxes of photos lay neglected, in a dark place, locked up with her inner child. Finally, after decades of malnourishment, Jenn reached out to her starved creative spirit and entered a portal into a more honest world within herself.

Nurturing herself creatively, Jenn paints murals, draws affirmations, photographs narratives, and writes herself free. In her spare time, she can be found frequently behind the scenes beside independent filmmakers, producing public telivision, or at a Cut & Deliver Writter's Cram Jam session.

Currently, she is utilizing her talents and skills as the newest Culture and Arts Education Specialist at the George Washinhton Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center.

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