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Jenny Fraser is a digital native working within a fluid screen-based practice. In 2015 she had her video art imprinted on a gold record and broadcast into outer space via Hobart and Cape Canaveral, Florida in the Forever Now project, as a follow-up to the Voyager Golden Records sent into space in 1977 by NASA.

She is a celebrated screen artist. In 2015 Jenny was recognised with awards for Newcomer Director in the International Documentary category at the World Film Awards and The International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture.

Jenny founded online gallery cyberTribe in 1999, the Blackout Collective in 2002, and World Screen Culture in 2015.

She has been presenting SOLID Screen Festival and Retreat since 2014, with the first held at Innot Hot Springs in Far North Queensland, which included the SOLID Screen Awards, recognising 40 years of International Indigenous Womens contributions to their screen artforms.

Jenny has a professional background in Art and Media Education and has since completed a Master of Indigenous Wellbeing at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW; and has a PhD in the Art of Healing and Decolonisation from Batchelor Institute in the Northern Territory. She was an Associate Member of the Centre for Creative Arts at Latrobe University and in 2015, and also served on the National Advisory Group for the Centre for Indigenous Story in Australia.

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