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Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Personal Development Coach with a whole person/whole life approach. Personal development is about understanding and growing all parts of yourself in every aspect of your life.

I left a long and successful career in television after discovering that it no longer aligned with my values and purpose. Now I help people explore the many layers and complexities of who they are and what's not working for them so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

My clients typically have a sense that something within is holding them back. They feel there's something more for them and oftentimes they feel stuck, disconnected, lost or directionless. They're self aware and recognize the self-criticisms and harmful self-talk that holds them back.

Our work together enables them to make positive, lasting changes and grow professionally and personally.

I'm grateful to work with clients all over the world via phone sessions, online video or in-person locally in the GTA.

It's really important to me that there's great chemistry and connection between us, so I always start with a complimentary call to see if we'd be a great fit.

My clients take away strategies and tools that are practical and unique to them and work for the long haul. They begin to live their lives from a more aligned, purposeful, fulfilling, confident and peaceful place.

I bring in mindful self-compassion techniques and tools to help clients see and feel their self-worth and value.

My curious nature and ability to connect quickly and deeply with people has served me well in both my former career as a television producer and production executive, and in my work as a coach. I have always had a passion and genuine curiosity for real human stories.

Our stories matter. The way we perceive our stories and talk to ourselves matters too, and informs how we show up in the world.

I love uncovering what makes a person beautifully unique and helping them claim who they are (and who they're not!) so they can bring self-compassion to all parts of themselves and live their lives knowing their inner world and outer world are aligned.

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