Jenny Tryansky

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Personal Development Coach with a whole person/whole life approach.

I left a long and successful career in the television production industry when I realized it wasn't fulfilling for me anymore. A career transition at almost forty years old was not easy but completely worth it.

Now I help people work through their personal and professional challenges with self-compassion, and move forward toward their goals fuelled with confidence instead of self-criticism.

My clients typically have a sense that something within is holding them back. They put a lot of pressure on themselves and oftentimes they feel stuck, disconnected, lost or directionless. They're self aware and recognize the self-doubt that holds them back.

Our work together enables them to make positive, lasting changes and grow in all areas of their life; professionally and personally.

I'm grateful to work with clients all over the world via phone sessions, online video or in-person locally.

It's really important to me that there's great chemistry and connection between us, so I always start with a complimentary exploration call to see if we'd be a great fit, and to provide insight into how co-active coaching is different from other wellness and therapeutic supports.

My clients take away strategies and tools that are practical and unique to them and work for the long haul. They begin to live their lives from a more aligned, purposeful, fulfilling, confident and peaceful place.

I bring in mindful self-compassion techniques and tools, which have had a huge impact on my own personal growth, to help clients know their worth and value.

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