Jeremiah Burns

I'm a father and husband, first and foremost. I was born in the USA where I lived for 25 years. When I was 22 I experienced the typical relationship routine i.e., boy-meets-girl, boy-moves-3500-miles-and-marries-girl. Perhaps not-so-typical.

I have a love of good red wine, books, music and love anything that makes me laugh. I also have a passion for hand-baking breads.

I've enjoyed a healthy interest in technology since early youth. This led to an interest in technology specifically as a career-path, and I've tried to incorporate technology into most of my work.

I am currently employed at a leading telecomms & Broadband provisioning company working as a Network Analyst. As the "networking" sector of technology is still relatively new to me, each day is a learning experience.

To learn is to gain knowledge. Knowledge is the master-key for life's little doors.