Jeremy Miller FSA

Founder Health-E Commerce in New York, NY

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Jeremy Miller FSA's entrepreneurial journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and a commitment to making a positive impact in the healthcare market. His innovative ideas and dedication to helping individuals access essential products and services have garnered recognition and success for Health-E Commerce, the parent brand of various groundbreaking ventures.

In 2010, his visionary business idea was recognized with the prestigious Columbia Business School's Odyssey Global MBA Award for Best Entrepreneurial Business Idea. Supported by the Lang Fund and other Angel investors, he received the necessary funds to establish Health-E Commerce. The company set out with a clear goal: to simplify the U.S. tax-free healthcare market, enhancing the benefits for everyday Americans and companies through workplace benefits, wellness programs, and health spending.

That same year, the company introduced its flagship venture, the FSA store. This groundbreaking e-commerce platform became the first of its kind, exclusively dedicated to FSA-eligible products and services. Its comprehensive eligibility list has since provided users with unparalleled convenience.

True to his drive for continuous growth, he founded the HSA Store in 2015. This venture was designed to assist individuals with health savings accounts (HSAs) in finding HSA-eligible products swiftly, maximizing their health savings, and covering everyday healthcare-related expenses.

In 2017, he launched Caring Mill, a private-label line of health and wellness products. A unique aspect of this venture was its commitment to giving back; for each product purchased, Health-E Commerce pledged a donation to the Children's Health Fund, ensuring quality healthcare for needy children. Notably, this store allowed Americans to utilize tax-free money to support a non-profit organization.

In 2019, he unveiled Well Deserved, offering shoppers the opportunity to purchase health-related items with Wellness Rewards. This initiative further exemplified Health-E Commerce's dedication to catering to the needs of diverse consumers.

The latest addition to Health-E Commerce's portfolio, Medicare OTC Store, was launched as a tailored platform for senior citizens to easily shop for products covered by Medicare Advantage plans' supplemental OTC benefits.