Jeremy Blum

Electrical Engineer and Director of Hardware in San Francisco, California

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My passion is using engineering to improve people’s lives, and giving people the tools they need to do the same.

Currently, I'm the Director of Hardware at Shaper, where we're using computer vision to reinvent the way people use handheld power tools. I'm responsible for electrical architecture, electrical design, manufacturing, testing, and more at Shaper. Prior to joining Shaper, I was a lead electrical architect for confidential products at Google [x], including Google Glass.

I received my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University. At Cornell, I co-founded and led Cornell University Sustainable Design, I launched a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurial co-working space for students, and I conducted robotics and machine learning research.

I have an insatiable passion for building things. I have designed prosthetic hands, fiber-optic LED lighting systems, home-automation systems, 3D printers and scanners, self-assembling robots, wearable computing platforms, learning robots, and more. Some of this work has even been featured in international conferences, peer-reviewed journals, and in popular media outlets such as The Discovery Channel,

  • Work
    • Shaper Tools, Inc.
  • Education
    • Cornell University