Jeremy Lambert

I'm a software developer from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I like to make "stuff". Currently my friend Eskimo and I have a little tech/woodshop here in town. We've outfitted it with most fabrication tools that you can think of, wood and metal working tools, a scratch-build 4'x4' CNC machine with .001 tolerance, a custom woodrack system, TV and surround sound (yes, in a shop), a FM modulator system so that we can hear the sounds from the system/reciever/computer/laptops/mediacenter anywhere on property without removing our hearing protection (WorkTunes), fridge, electronics bench, and next on the list is a dust/vapor collection system custom designed for our special needs. It's a pretty neat place to relax and be creative!

The shop has produced a wide variance of "stuff". Rocking chairs for children, a shoeshine bench (not quite done), several beautiful wood carvings, a chicken coop, a few small electronics projects, a bread slicer...the list gets long.

Eskimo and I are very interested in getting to know other makers in the area, so if you have an idea for something cool to make, want to find out more about us, or just want to BS drop us a line or visit our website (under construction).