Jeremy Richter

Growing up just down the street from a movie theater was my first big break. Every week I would watch new heroes and villains grace the silver screen. The whole experience was just magical to me. Then one day I realized that if I really wanted to, I could make motion pictures for a living.

This dream came true. I'm now the CEO of an award-winning creative services firm that specializes in national commercials, corporate video productions and high-end photography. I have surrounded myself with a group of exceptionally gifted craftsmen that are passionate about their trade and relentless in their pursuit of the perfect image.

My company, Richter Studios, has transformed hundreds of companies through exceptional motion and still imagery. If you are looking to do something groundbreaking, we have the proven people, process and track record to elevate your firm's marketing to unparalleled heights.

I'm a big fan of cappuccino, cigars and discussing the next big thing. If you're in the market, I'm just an Uber ride or flight away from having a spirited conversation about how we can help transform your brand.