Jeroen Kosterman

Director and Project Manager in the Netherlands

Jeroen Kosterman

Director and Project Manager in the Netherlands

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I am a senior networking tech professional with strong business acumen leveraging 30 years’ experience of creating societal and business value through environment and sustainability.

My goal is improving performance. Influencing with this approach both process and result.

My stakeholders are clients (companies, governments and NGO's) whom I consider the main assets to 'play the game' in a balanced way. My position is always being the middle man, analyzing the situation, then just touch the ball and pass it on. I have a strong belief in people's qualities, and can adapt well to the differences between people performing in an international setting.

'Business' is always leading but it's the people who make the game.

I am an enthusiastic, impact oriented, conceptual thinker. A good communicator and listener. An experienced moderator. Driven by high quality work, strong (and fun!) team dynamics and inspirational environments with a longer term, impact oriented vision.

I am vastly experienced in leading multidisciplinary, cross border teams under time constraints to achievable favourable results. Wired to spot opportunities early on and to drive growth collaboratively.

Finally, I am married with Patrizia, together we raised three beautiful sons.

“Celebrate Life!”

  • Work
    • DSM, TNO, MinBuZa, Stork
  • Education
    • Msc, TU Delft Industrial Design