Jeroen Warmerdam

Leiden, The Netherlands

I founded my first company, Tygron Serious Gamingm straight out of Delft University of Technology, where I studied Computer Science. Throughout the years I filled several different function within Tygron to meet the company’s ever-changing demands. This has made me a flexible thinker and worker. In my heart I am a developer with a keen interest in the human side of software development.

As a manager I support and coach my team. I thrive when looking for solutions to unexpected challenges. I enjoy finishing a successful product with my team as much as developing it myself.

As a developer I try to get an initial version up and running as quick as possible. Experience has taught me that this first version will lead to new insights and corresponding new requirements.

Outside of work I love gaming and I try to get as much running in as possible. In 2012 and 2013 I ran several marathons and am currently looking for a new challenge.

  • Education
    • Delft University of Technology