Jeroen Wilms

Impact monitoring, evaluation, and narration specialist in Amsterdam, Nederland

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I'm a digital knowmad and vanlifer, and I live my story in a rhythm of travel.

I'm passionate about narratives and their capacity to have local impact and call upon our deepest emotions. So for living I (help others to) make stories that activate change. For instance to increase conversion, create awareness or inspire action.

I do this so called 'storymaking' in many roles, ranging from creative strategist, concept designer, researcher, director and producer. Through my works I've also gained a great deal of experience in placemaking, impact assessments and using data to visualising changes [that have happened]. This has also taught me how to design a project/story for maximum impact within tight margins and lofty or even near immeasurable CPI's.

On my ongoing expedition to discover new and innovative ways to make impactful stories, I take advantage of a global (creative and business) perspective and cross-cultural team experience built up over a lifetime of travelling.

Island life & culture fascinate me and water attracts me. Oh, and I have a knack for heritage and foodies.

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Founder of creative agency and tribe Whalebone & Greenstone.

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