Jerome Iveson

Founder and Lead Product Designer at Thrive a fast growing SaaS company based in the UK. In what seems a lifetime ago Jerome worked as a graphic designer. Jerome has started two companies, done quite a bit of consultancy, successfully raised VC funding and somewhere in-between managed to
sire two children.

His first business Distil traded successfully for 11 years working with regional
and international clients. Specialising in branding, graphic design and web design. His current company Thrive was born from his desire to try something new and his passion for design and the creative industries.

Focussed with an analytical mind Jerome revels in the role of problem solver.
He is comfortable managing and working as part of a team and has a broad skill set. A lover of technology Jerome has a wide ranging knowledge of all things internet. A with most designers he's an Apple fanboy with a decade old collection of Macs (they should never be thrown away). He's also a committed audiophile, part-time mountain biker and occasional video-gamer.