Jerome Chang

Los Angeles

Born in Taiwan, grew up in NJ Was a nerd (AP student, etc) and dork (marching band AND scouts!) in high school, but somehow outbenched most of the football team. :-D Became a geek when I got my first of 1/2 dozen Macs. Got a degree for my right brain and degrees for my left. Lived in all 4 time zones. Settled here in LA in 2003. Opened BLANKSPACES in 2008. Married and bought my first house in 2010, and had my first son in 2011. Opened our 2nd location in 2011...but it was improperly taken away. Opened #3 in 2013 and took back #2 in 2014. #4 is slated to open late 2015...or early 2016!

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