Jerry Otis

Alpine California

I'm an author/actor/writer/multi-tasker who lives in Alpine, CA next to "America's Finest City", San Diego, California.

My 1st YA novel "Frostburg Lane" is "American Graffiti" re-visited.
Synopsis: It's 1958-1962, there were no color TVs/cell phones or internet access, and if you had a color TV you were considered rich.

Jerod Evans a young teenager who shows courage while trying to stay positive in the face of adversity, as he learns to deal with obstacles confronting him while living on Frostburg Lane.

He a natural born writer/story teller, thinking in the 7th grade that he had a good chance of becoming the next Nobel Prize winner for the first story he submitted to the school newspaper, which nearly ended up getting him expelled from school. At the age of 13 Jerod ends up living on Frostburg Lane, after his family moves from Kingsville, Texas to Virginia Beach, VA in late '58, where he becomes tight friends' with Ronnie Singleton, Dave Meyers, Jake Petty, and Mike James during the four years he lived there. Together, they became known on campus at Princess Anne High as "The Frostburg Lane Boys."

At 17, there's a humorous encounter between cluesless Jerod Evans and cougar Samantha Lays, who owns/runs a house cleaning service called [Love Maids], while working alone, on his frist night at Dave's Discount TV & Repair shop.

"Frostburg Lane" is an era when major changes were made both musically and politically. The younger generation would begin to think for themselves, and say "No we're not gonna do it the way of the last generation", and set new trends in music by turning to a little known group in England called "The Beatles", and in the US to "The Beach Boys." Vietnam was looming on the horizon, and that's when attitudes about education and war began to change. The generation of "Frostburg Lane" were no longer gonna go with the status quo of the grey boring 1950's. www.!/JerryOtis

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    • A.S. Real Estate Southwestern College