Jerry Long

When musicians & performing artist from all across the globe look for a unique sound for their recordings, there is one voice that must be considered... "Kokane"/ "Jerry B Long."


Kokane, also known as Jerry B. Long Jr was born (1969) in Bronx, New York. When he was still a baby he moved to California and was raised in the city of Pomona. Kokane's life has always included music. He is the son of Motown composer "Jerry B Long, Sr.", his works include; “Just My Imagination” performed by the Temptations, “Still Waters Run Deep”, "Smiling Faces”, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” & many more.

Early Life

With his father being one of the original writers/composer/musician for Motown Records, Jerry Jr had spent a lot of time with him in the studio. At an early age, he surrounds himself in the art of sound, which had led him to embrace his natural talents for music. He began to build his craft & style, listening to the old school funk of the 70s. During his school years, he won numerous talent shows, and he was a top student in drama club. Jerry acted in many plays; it was there that he found a comfort zone in performing on stage.

Growing up as a kid he dealt with the hardships, social ills of poverty and the life of violence, but continued to stay focused, positive and away from trouble. He began his career as a vocalist in the mid-1980s when gansta rap first started appearing in his native Los Angeles. Eventually, this led him to signing with Eazy-E's Ruthless Records label at the end of 1989. He adopted his stage name “Kokane”, which his cousin (Hutch aka Cold 187um) of the legendary rap group Above the Law gave him. The name “Kokane” is a representation of how dope & addictive his sound is to the ear.


Kokane’s career had launched at Eazy-E's Ruthless Records, with him co-writing for N.W.A.'s "Appetite for Destruction" from the album Niggaz4life, where he first introduced one of his character’s “Sweet Talk.” His first album release, Addictive Hip Hop Muzick (credited as “Who Am I) in 1991’. "Nickel Slick Nigga," (first solo single) had appeared on the Deep Cover soundtrack. In addition, he guest-appeared & co-wrote for Eazy E's "It's On

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