Jess C Scott

Writer and Data Nerd in Florida


Writing / Research / Analysis + WorkFlex :)

* * *

I have a keen interest in social issues and Singapore's Political History.

A "reflections" post contains some thoughts on why I exited the digital publishing scene.

* * *

As of 2015, I've been doing freelance work to expand my skills and knowledge. Some stuff I've been up to:

* Campaign Associate / Fund Dreamer
* CloudPeeps member
* Social Media Manager / Swedish Organization for Global Health; The Good Data
* Qualitative Research Intern / GuideStar
* Data Entry Specialist / FlexJobs

* * *
[x] Published: "Tea Leaves" (Cha journal); Acid Tongue commentary (QLRS); etc.

[x] Bio on jessINK. This was my indie platform for publishing "meaningful and entertaining" stories. I have some plans for a revitalized website in 2017+.