Jess C Scott

Writer and Editor in Florida

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Hi readers, thanks for your support over the years :)

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2019: I'm the writer/editor for a popular podcast and enjoy every day of it!

2020: One of my essays won an award.

In my free time, I blog at, my olde dragon site created in 1999.

At some point, I'd like to expand upon writing horror short stories.

See you there and sign up for notifications for latest updates.

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PAST (2009 to 2015)

I wrote a variety of fiction, short stories, and socio-political articles under my "Jess C Scott" pen name. I am probably not resurrecting this pen name as I have different goals and priorities as a writer and person now.

Highlights include:

[x] Short stories and poetry published in Cha Journal, Word Riot, and Akashic Books.

[x] 1 million plus visitors on SG Political blog.