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Jesse Hawkins

Consultant and Father in Seattle, Washington

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✮ Lover of Life : finds joy in everything, encourages others to seek same

✮ Storyteller : gives long answers, makes wild connections

✮ Traveler : has many passport stamps, needs many more

✮ Craft Brewer : brews and drinks craft beer

✮ Techy : likes working smarter instead of harder

✮ Photographer : shoots in modes other than P

✮ Maker : prefers the DIY mindset, likes to solve problems

✮ Supertaster : thinks that propylthiouracil tastes horrible

✮ Gamer : enjoys social, board, card, and video games

✮ Humorist : laughs often and likes to make others smile

✮ Teacher : likes helping others grasp new concepts

✮ Helper : Always ready to lend a hand

  • Work
    • T-Mobile
  • Education
    • Never Stop Learning