Jessica The Recessionista

My name is Jessica, and I’ve always had a thing for fashion. When I was younger, the process of navigating my limited options was truly a time of testing the boundaries of what is fashionably acceptable. Growing up with tastes way beyond my means, I was forced to get creative- making my Target and Walmart only wardrobe somehow communicate to the world what I was about. As I got older and was making my own money, I realized that pretty clothes, shoes, and accessories, were much more important to me than going out to eat, drinking, seeing movies, and any of the other things highschool/college kids spend their money on.
Over time, I’ve been a child of practically every major fashion trend- simply because I want to learn as much about this world as I can. Recently emerging from my early 20s boho/hippie trend, I’ve settled comfortably into what a forsee as a long lasting love affair with what I call “preppy with a twist”- think Jcrew.

People have told me throughout my life- “You should do something with fashion! You just always look so put together!” Some people are blessed with athletic ability- I’m blessed with the ability to put an outfit together, and the sense of knowing what looks good on which body type. I’m still trying to find my way to making fashion more than just a hobby (read:healthy obsession).

To me, fashion is more than just the clothes a person wears or their ability to successfully accessorize. Helping someone find the clothing that makes them feel good about the way they look, can truly truly change their outlook on life as a whole. I believe fashion is much more powerful than most people realize.

Finding and purchasing quality fashion in thrify ways is my new obsession. Follow my blog to join the hunt :

<3 Jessica