jessica zhou

writer, engineer, and internet cowboy in San Francisco, CA

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In search of co-conspirators! Good things take time to grow, and I'm inspired by the emergent delight that's come from the myriad of paths I've gone down.

Currently exploring a sproutling writing and research practice, experimenting with chaotic good internet things with subtle asian dating, and soon, with MSCHF. 🤠


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📱@ Microsoft

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I want a more beautiful, tender, and transformative internet. Moved permutations of community, journalism, politics, entrepreneurship. Fascinated with processes/people, and the systems/community they take place in.

Interested in the possibilities mixed reality and other liminal spaces that exist between between online/offline and digital/physical. Curious about analogues (or not!) between organic, unpredictable, non-scaling systems, and computer systems.


I'd love to talk further and learn more about you :)

email me at jessica.zhou[at] or contact me on facebook messenger!

  • Education
    • Washington State University