jessica zhou

chaos engineering life in San Francisco, CA

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In search of co-conspirators! Good things take time to grow, and I'm inspired by the emergent delight that's come from the myriad of paths I've gone down.

Currently exploring a 🌱 sproutling writing and research practice 🌱, experimenting with chaotic good internet things with 🤠subtle asian dating 🤠, growing and building community for a beautiful new world with ✨Eternal ✨, and reimagining computer science pedagogy with Create & Learn.


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I want a more beautiful, tender, and transformative internet. Driven by permutations of community, journalism, politics, entrepreneurship: I'm fascinated with processes/people, and the systems/community they take place in, and so social media and digital communities at large are so compelling to me.

Interested in the possibilities mixed reality and other liminal spaces that exist between between online/offline and digital/physical. Curious about analogues (or not!) between organic, unpredictable, non-scaling systems, and computer systems.


I'd love to talk further and learn more about you :)

email me at jessica.zhou[at] or contact me on facebook messenger!

  • Education
    • Washington State University