Jessica Mayes

Hello possessors of the XY chromosomes and XX chromosomes. I work as a software development engineer for the CHASE. Guess CHASE doesn't need any introduction. What needs introduction is my credibility at the CHASE. The 100,000 jobs mission initiative by the CHASE was my idea. Rewarded "Best young employee of the company" by James Dimon. There is more. "Miss Chase 2014" is me. Yes I am a huge achiever in my profession and I am not a workaholic as most of you would expect me to be. My miss chase title is evident enough. Taking life as it comes because if you are serious about something in your life it sucks the life out of you. Life is to lived not to be sucked out. That's my view anyway. There was one thing though about which I was serious about. Here in our office at the CHASE, we have free WiFi. For all I know, I am not special and the employees here at the CHASE aren't special as well. If we deserve free WiFi, everyone else should too. I discussed the idea with one of my trustworthy friends who happens to be a high achiever in the CHASE corporate as well. He volunteered for this noble cause and here we are providing free WiFi to people all over the globe. Follow the link to know more about it.