Jessica Legg

Portland, OR

I’ve worked in a variety of marketing functions and roles over the last 10 years spanning – account direction, marketing strategy, product marketing, channel marketing, digital and content marketing (my sweet spot). The winds of fortune steered me into a specialization in tech, with a deep dive into mobile, emerging devices, and SaaS—where I get to balance right brain fits of creativity, while simultaneously letting my left brain geek out on understanding and communicating the value of life-changing technologies.

Outside of work you can find me cheering on my 15 year old hip hop dance progeny, Yasmin; testing my amateur photog skills on a coalition of cheetahs in Kenya or in some other foreign locale; basking in sunshine and laughter with a friend and a glass of NW red on my deck; and channeling Thoreau as I try to “live deep and suck the marrow out of life.”

  • Work
    • Senior Manager
  • Education
    • MBA, Portland State University