Jessica Leiva Rojo

Translator & Proofreader in Argentina

Hey, there! I am an English <> Spanish Certified Translator and Proofreader. I studied at National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) and I received my bachelor's degree in December, 2014. I was formally trained in legal and technical translation; however, as I have always been particularly interested in creative translation, I have just finished a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain). As for my hobbies, I enjoy reading different genres but mostly fiction; I love traveling around the world and getting to know other cultures (I've visited Chile, Uruguay, Spain, China, Malasia, UK and USA.) I am also learning Italian and planning to incorporate it as a third working language. I work as a freelancer and I hope to be able to provide optimal solutions to your linguistic matters!

  • Work
    • Monde Media
  • Education
    • National University of Cuyo
    • Autonomous University of Barcelona