Dr. Jessie Sun

MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellow in Philadelphia, PA

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I am a MindCORE Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania (CV). I will be an Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis starting in Fall 2022. My research examines two fundamental aspects of the good life—well-being and morality—in real-world contexts. To study people “in the wild,” I use a diverse methodological toolkit, including experience sampling, naturalistic audio recordings, informant reports, and personality change interventions.

I received my Ph.D. from UC Davis, where I worked in the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab. Prior to graduate school, I received my BA (Honours) from the University of Melbourne and worked as a RA for the Personality Processes Lab, Centre for Positive Psychology, and the Williams Social Emotions Lab.

In my personal life, I strive to promote well-being by living vegan and have pledged to give to the most effective animal welfare and global poverty causes. For fun, I am a long-time classical singer and enjoy rock-climbing and dancing (bachata & kizomba). Thanks for visiting my page!

  • Education
    • University of California, Davis
    • The University of Melbourne