Jess Woo

Jess Woo

I can often be found haunting one of these social site thingies. If you run into me, tell me to get back to whatever I should be doing...

For marine & sciencey stuff, LinkedIn or the Spindrift Marine website are best for work enquiries. For tech or web engagements, best to email or DM me on Twitter.

To engage me in a creative enterprise of some variety (acting, music, writing, interpretive jelly art etc. etc.) feel free to get in touch. For acting, I am represented by Gemma Lloyd at Act Up (Spotlight CV here).

If we know each other and you (still!) want to interact with me on a pseudo-personal basis, my Facebook page is probably your best bet, although I go through stages of not using it very much.

Lastly, I infrequently ramble on about all kinds of stuff on the blog, which contains posts about life, projects I'm working on, random musings and rants about crap on the telly. Please drop by and say hello!