Jess Woo

Freelancer in the United Kingdom

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I am a freelancer with what I believe is termed a "diverse portfolio career".

I work as a professional copy-editor and proofreader specialising in SFF fiction, and part time as a senior bookseller at Waterstones. Kind of field to fork, if publishing were... story farming?

Oh, and I'm a writer! I was part of Mercury Theatre's first cohort of Mercury Playwrights 2020/21, and have just written two monologues for volume 2 of the Hear Me Now anthology, produced by Tamasha and due to be published early 2022. Previously, I've been part of the Royal Court Introduction to Playwriting Group. I also write fiction, and my short story 'Magic in the Fog and Rain' won the Cityread Writing Competition in 2015.

I'm a gigantic geek, and rather a lot of what I write reflects this on some level, whether it's for page or stage.

Last but not least, I'm a recovering marine scientist with a fisheries and spatial data specialism, although that's not my current focus. And a mostly resting actor! Likewise, acting isn't a focus at the moment, and I've come off Spotlight for a bit while I concentrate on writing and other things, but I'm still an Equity member and a trustee of the Act For Change Project, which champions diverse representation in the live and recorded arts.

To engage me in a creative enterprise of some variety, feel free to get in touch via Twitter in the first instance.

If we know each other and you want to interact with me on a pseudo-personal basis, my Facebook page is probably your best bet, although I go through stages of not using it very much.

Lastly, I (very infrequently of late) ramble on about all kinds of stuff on the blog, which contains posts about life, projects I'm working on, random musings and Stuff. Please drop by and say hello!