Jesús Rodríguez Martínez

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in San José, Costa Rica

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I'm happy resolving problems and improving other's job quality.

Professionally (more info at my LikedIn profile):

I worked 6 months as Product Manager in an Internet Marketing service some time ago, as R&D engineer (and then R&D Project Manager) during 3 and a half years. In this position I achieved: new technical knowledge (Tomcat, Liferay, Alfresco, Spring, Hibernate...), new philosophical concepts (Web2.0, Web3.0, Opensource...) and specially new management competencies (communication & influence, team working, decision making...), as and IT consultant and developer during almost 4 years in a .Net (Desktop and Web) and SQLServer environment.

Now I am working as IT consultant and developer in a Java (Grails) environment.

Personally (more info at... bufff... there are a lot of stuff, follow the links...):

I love technology, and I love use it, read about it, talk about it, and write about it. When I was young I played basketball, and now I'm trying to learn how to play tennis.

  • Work
    • JPicado y Asociados Consultoría SA
  • Education
    • Master in Web Software Engineering
    • Degree in Systems Engineer