Jetro de Château

Teacher and translator in Torrelavega, Spain

I teach EFL in companies and private classes. I believe language is something you learn while doing fun things and I love to do different activities that allow students to use and improve their language skills.

I am an experienced story teller and visit many schools each year to engage students to use and practice their English through the stories I do with them. Effective communication is important and both when telling a story and when interpreting between different languages.

I love to design, build and program robots and like to use my interest in this field to get others involved in technology and language learning combined. My love for language and technology also transcends in the translation work I do.

As a writer, editor and translator for HispaBrick Magazine I explore both the educational and the fun side of my LEGO hobby. I also participate in several other LEGO and Robotics related blogs.

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