W Jewell Sparks

W Jewell Sparks

Entrepreneur / Business Strategist / Global Philanthropist / Journalist/ Inclusion Hacker/ IOE/ Wearables / Fashion Tech


Intuit FT, WT Couture, AgTech Connect, Tech & Gadgets / Examiner - Fashion, Charity, Sports, and Entertainment Journalist

Boards: WGOW (Working Group on Women) for ASBC (American Sustainable Business Council)

@Jewell Sparks (Wilhelmina Jewell Strong- Sparks) is a biologist turned business leader with over 20 years of experience as a scientific innovator, sales, organizational effectiveness and business development work professional. Jewell Sparks obtained an MBA in 2000 focused on strategy, global markets and corporate communications, and the past 5 years have become a serial entrepreneur focused on "Bridging the Gap" between science, creativity, business, brands and social influencers.

Jewell is a global business strategist, focused on helping others position and scale their businesses in order to increase brand awareness across diverse markets and generate revenue via strategic partnerships and alliances.

Jewell Sparks is a partner of Silicon Valley AgTech and the CEO and founder of Strategic Diversity Group® Inc, Intuit FT, Wearable Tech Couture, AgTech Connect and OTGC - On The Green Carpet® Inc. Subsidiaries of Strategic Diversity Group® Inc include: BiTHouse, BiTHouseRx, BiTHouse Pitch, and DIGDiversity®.

BiTHouse is a pop-up and virtual (coming soon) business development cultivator for minority entrepreneurs and technology professionals to align and develop innovative technologies for their communities. Our mission is to gather, educate, share, and align those with innovative business ideas with technology professionals who can make their ideas become a reality. BiTHouse launched its first installation during SXSW 2013 and aided the conference with attracting more women and minorities as well as sponsors supportive of minority leadership and disruptive technologies that impact diverse communities.