Jewlz thedirector

Jewlz thedirector

Jewlz is a life long Harlemite who has been in the medium of film making for the past 13 years.He has travelled to many countries pursuing his love of filming.He has been to many far off places such as Tapei China,Tawian,Kazistan,Arbijan Africa,Tanzania Africa,Ireland etc.

Jewlz has filmed upwards of 40 music music videos for varying genres of musical artists.

The Current film Project that is being completed by jewlz is a Documentary based on the History of Harlem and more specifically the long rich history of 125th Street.The title of the documentary is BELIEVE IN DREAMS:HARLEMS PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE.

The Next project that jewlz is working on STREET STRUCK:THE BIG-L STORY has many times been referred to as his Labor of Love.When asked why he says "I title STREET STRUCK THE BIG L STORY a labor of love because the drive to complete this documentary has nothing to do with earning money from doing this project.Like everyone i have bills to pay and finances are relative but this project does'nt have a monetary motivation for me.I primarily feel this story needs to be told because i grew up with the main character (Lamont Coleman/Big L) who this documentary is focused on.My friend Lamont was a Great friend that i feel lost his life in the streets of Harlem way too soon.He was such a talented musician and many people were exposed to his talents but i felt there many that were'nt.Lamont was so close to achieving his potential greatness.I feel with the completion of this documentary more people will truly get to see and know the Great Friend,Son and Brother and countless other things he was to many people of Harlem and the world!

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