Jeysson Guevara

Software Engineer in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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Hello, I'm a software developer who sees his profession as an art. Creating a pretty drawing or writing an inspiring story is the same as writing clean and idiomatic code to me. Github is some kind of deviantArt to my eyes.

My dream is to develop clean, self describing and pretty looking code (which also works), such attitude drives me to explore and tweak the frameworks I work with, I even made my own PHP framework (every PHP developer makes one anyway).

I also believe that reinventing the wheel is a fantastic way of learning how wheels work, and get interest in aspects of software development one didn't care or knew about.

Even if one doesn't use his reinvention at all, it helps you to understand why things are made that way and not that other or easily figure out how things work under the hood, (especially useful when documentation is poor).

Well, you are free to contact me if you find my vision interesting or debatable, or if you got an interesting adventure to share with me, that's what open/free software is for ;)

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  • Work
    • Facture Colombia SAS
  • Education
    • Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar