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I never want to grow up. Sure, I'm in my 40s, and I have a wife, kids, a job, etc. But in my heart I will always be eight years old and ready to run and play. My kids and I climb trees, run as fast as we can, play silly games, tell each other jokes, and more. Having a life where you refuse to grow up is a big key to not getting old. I believe and constantly see evidence that playing regularly, having an attitude of always wanting to try new things, and being totally active as much as possible is what keeps us young and happy.

Who is it that told you that you have to grow up, anyway? Someone who hasn't done so themselves, and is afraid of what others might think. So stop caring. Are the people telling you that you need grow up happy themselves?

I'm betting not.

So stop growing up. Have fun with life. Don't have any regrets at the end.

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