Johan Farid Khairuddin

JFK - Professional Airline Pilot with an MBA in the cupboard. Known to many also as a Malaysian Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Radio DJ, TV Host etc who still can't dance to save his life.

Formerly one of the regions most experienced strategic youth business & media development experts, who traveled to work across the globe with Asia's leading satellite broadcasting company (The Astro All Asia Networks plc) as the Head of Regional Youth Projects from 1999-2009. I also served as the Youth Ambassador to the United Nations : Global Alliance for ICT Development initiative, the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) and the Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia.

As a veteran Radio & TV Show Host with more than 12 years experience in the entertainment and broadcasting industries; my hands-on and award winning work in all media including (and not limited to) my role in music as a singer, songwriter & producer have given me an international following of fans which continue to expand my own network of global & influential decision makers.

I hold an MBA with a fellowship honor from the Trinity College & University in the United Kingdom, a Diploma in Aviation from the Australian Wings Academy, Gold Coast and an Airline Transport Pilot's License from the Dept. of Civil Aviation Malaysia.

Although I have since left the corporate 9-to-5 world to commit towards a life of flying full-time through the clouds, as a professional airline pilot; I still however find time to dabble in the entertainment industry (part-time) as a Radio DJ, Voice-Over Artiste, TV Show Host & Emcee.

This is my story... What is yours? Tell me. Follow me on Twitter. @jfkjohan.

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