Greg Richardson

Entrepreneur, Software Developer, and Father in Rome, Georgia

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I'm a parallel entrepreneur. For my day-job, I'm a co-founder at CrowdFiber -- a geographic marketing and sales automation company.

In 2011, I created 7hills Makerspace in my hometown of Rome Georgia. I also co-founded a project called MakerVillage as a creative hub for artists and entrepreneurs.

I'm mostly self-taught; a book nerd; a dreamer; idealistic; ambitious. I start lots of things I don't finish. I swing for the fence, but I strike out a lot. I'm fiercely loyal.

Off hours, I'm into proximity marketing, Internet of Things and Halt and Catch Fire at the moment.

I adore my soul-mate Tricia Steele, and I think my kids are the Universe's perfect assembly of atoms and bits.