Artist, Father, and Actor in Paris, France

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In another life (years ago) I was a researching solutions for boundary integral equations, and fascinated by the Bhagavad Gita. After a drowning experience, I decided to radically change my life, and so found my way into making plays that can help children (and adults) find their own paths.

I worked in street theatre, then in theatre venues, then made "Leonardo" with Paul Harman and Chris Connaughton, which was invited all over the world. Inspired by this, I created the set for and act in a French play, "Et si Léonard...", made with Pointure 23.

I enjoy Advaita, the emptiness teachings in Buddhism, figuring out how things came about, looking at nature, talking with people, walking with my boy on my shoulders, and I code a little in Python and Perl, and I eat as raw as I can.

I'm working on "Faisal and the Comet", my story about Al Hazen, the camera obscura and astronomy, which will become my next play.

  • Work
    • Actor, Set Designor & Builder, Writer
  • Education
    • BSc Physics, MSc Environmental Sciences