James W. Hawk

Director in Connecticut

James W. Hawk

Director in Connecticut

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Jim has received a much appreciated testimonial from Mr. Jan Harlan who was the executive producer for Steven Spielberg (Artificial Intelligence) and Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, Barry Lyndon etc.). Mr. Harlan made the following comments about Jim's works:


"Very good - I liked it a lot" "It focuses on the destructive forces of alcoholism."


"Very intriguing and promising. How will the story of the mass-murderer end?"


"I watched all three films and liked them, particularly the last one."


James "Jim" W. Hawk was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania. He is of German, Irish, Scottish and Native American (Seneca) decent. At the age of three, he was moved to Cleveland, Ohio. In 1972, he pursued a career with a Fortune 500 company which resulted in being relocate to Rochester, New York, South Bend, Indiana and finally, New Haven, Connecticut.

Jim's first independent film project was a two hour cinema verite called The Old School Roadster. It is aired regularly on Connecticut television.

Then Jim directed, wrote and produced Alpha To Omega: Part 4 . To keep it simple, he developed a story line and script featuring the last man on Earth. After lots of work and some luck, it became his first scripted short film.

Since that time, he has directed, produced, written, and edited short films, documentaries, music films and industrial presentations. He has worked with the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program for two years as an Associate Producer and four years as the Director of the "behind the scenes" video. He's been interviewed on television regarding the making of one of his short films. He's taken filmmaking classes at Quinnipiac University. He's had his films shown at film festivals and on local television.

He's currently editing his animated film about Galileo titled "And Yet It Moves." He's finishing his experimental film titled "LIFE'S JOURNEY - MVCU." He's editing his most recent short film titled "Esquire". He's experimenting with time-lapse photography. And he's working on a musicfilm about Trevor Tanner, the former frontman of the British chart band, The Bolshoi.

Jim is always looking for a producer to team up with that has access to funding and distribution.