Jan Heinemann

content creator, historian, and wargamer in Hannover, Deutschland

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Hi, I am Jan, thanks for stopping by!

I am a historian and political scientist, with a wide range of interests and qualifications from academic work, higher education, committee work, strategy development, moderation, research, proof reading, editing and publications, political theory, public history, conflict simulation and Kriegsspiel scenario and game design, educational and analytical war and peace gaming, digital and analog games.

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History meets politics

I have specialized in Ancient Greek and Early Modern history with emphasize on cultural, social and military, as well as new political history, historic spaces, political philosophy, social acceleration, contingency, the concept of authenticity and stagings of the past. I do talks and papers on history, political theory, history in (digital) games and Kriegsspiel.

Let's get serious about games!

I am increasingly interested stagings of the past in digital and analog games, and how this effects historical imagination, political and ethical implications regarding their reception, as well as the significance of games for research and educational purposes.

I do engage with game design and game development of board games and Kriegsspiel systems, proofreading, rules development and playtesting. I am looking forward to getting more involved in the hobby and professional field.

Wargaming – for peace, science and education

I am also highly interested in digital and analog wargaming in the popular and professional sphere. Currently co-editing an anthology on the amalgamation and history of wargames and euro-style games, as well as wargaming in Europe, I am also developing and running Kriegsspiel scenarios and campaigns live, as well as text based, in the hobby and educational context.

Games are very impressive learning tools for teaching a variety of precious competences, whose usefulness reaches far beyond military contexts. Decisionmaking based on fragmentary knowlegde within limited timeframes, dealing with contingencies, coordinating, team building and clear communication of intent, to name just a few of them.

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  • Education
    • M.A. History, Leibniz Universität Hannover
    • B.A. History & Political Science, LUH