Jill Ombrello

Dentist in Dallas, Texas

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Dr. Jill Ombrello and her team at Central Dentist offer a diverse assortment of services, including early intervention orthodontics, periodontal therapies, treatment of sleep apnea, implants, TMD therapy, and cosmetic smile makeovers. Central Dentist is a family business through and through, and Dr. Jill Ombrello is proud to have worked alongside her father with patients they have known for decades. Central Dentist is committed to serving families with that same dedication, providing the highest quality care for the whole family, children, adults, and seniors alike.

To further this goal, Dr. Jill Ombrello founded and runs Onsite Dentists of Texas, PLLC, which accommodates patients incapable of traveling to a traditional facility by bringing comprehensive care to them and ensuring that everyone has access to high quality comfort, care, and confidence.

Dr. Ombrello is also the founder of Goodnight Moon Sleep Solutions Group, which helps families navigate insurance so that expense is never an obstacle to the care they need. Goodnight Moon helps bill eligible procedures (such as Healthy Start and Sleep Disordered Breathing treatment) to medical insurance when traditional dental insurance is not sufficient.

As a fourth-generation dentist, Dr. Jill Ombrello deeply appreciates the incredible opportunity to support family health, both locally in Dallas and on a global scale. As such, she is a longtime advocate for Healthy Start, a progressive system designed to improve the wellbeing of children by educating and treating the root causes of wide-ranging conditions.

As a certified provider and lecturer for the program, Dr. Jill Ombrello is a preeminent expert in diagnosing and treating the up to 9 in 10 children who suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing. Children with SDB suffer from an under-developed jaw and restricted airway which makes it impossible to sleep restfully and can lead to a wide range of symptoms from snoring and bedwetting to ADD/ADHD and poor math performance. Dr. Ombrello has guided many children towards lifelong healthy development with painless, non-invasive dental treatment.