Jilly Jesson Smyth, DrD, AFP, CTA

Entrepreneur, Host, and Director in Tucson, Arizona

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I am a Social Documentary Artist, a Tucson, Arizona based Norwegian cowgirl with a dark Finnish twist of humor and an English dry sense of wit and wisdom. As an entrepreneur, new Vlog TV host, film maker, journalism based author and artist. I blend design, fashion and art by collaborating on stories of real women in biz with a well-being spin of spicy biztalk, biz dev, and influencer leadership.

As storyteller and founder of MokshaLife Multi-Media News and PR Magazine featuring smart Women to Watch Arizona I am launching a new format. My inspiration is about real connection. I am a "Community Maven", master networker and creator of Tucson Biz Chat. Host, model and owner of the Smyth and Jesson Digital Media Network.

BELIEF: Be happy. I am a ebullient philanthropist, pacifist, entrepreneur who believes in standing up for integrity while living well. Hobby: Laughter Yoga.

My Live Out Loud lifestyle story is being written now and my art is featured at ArtByJilly.com Moksha Design Boutique,

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