Jim Toner

Real Estate Investor and Public Speaker in Phoenix, Arizona

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Jim Toner has enjoyed a long career as a real estate investor, radio show host, speaker, and consultant.

He has spoken throughout the country on the value of intelligent real estate investing and has appeared with the likes of Frank McKinney, Bill Bartmann, Sharon Lechter, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, and many more.

Jim’s expertise in making real estate investment “user friendly” for the general public has put his services in very big demand. People routinely pay $2,000 to $15,000 and travel from all over the country to attend his real estate investment programs.

Jim, an accomplished entrepreneur who has been in the trenches of the real estate investment world for over twenty-five years, has taught thousands the path towards financial freedom by using his custom 12 Little Houses Plan.

He is an active philanthropist having been nationally recognized for his work with veterans and the homeless. He is an active member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation as well on the Advisory Board Chair of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salvation Army branch.

He currently works with a limited Private Client Group as well as coaching groups, both of which have waiting lists. He occasionally accepts new private coaching clients on investment real estate and entrepreneurial / business issues.