Jim Bruce

Blues Guitar Player and Musician in Lisbon, Portugal

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Jim Bruce is a travelling blues guitar player and also produces acoustic blues guitar lessons for sale on the internet.

He has been called 'the biggest blues guitar secret' on the internet and was voted N°2 Top Guitar Instructor by Truefire.com 2013.

His award winning lessons are used by newbie and pros alike to rapidly enhance guitar fingerpicking skills and add songs to the repertoire.

Jim's maxim is "Keep It Real" which is to say, explore the old blues guitar styles as much and as in depth as is necessary to hone you skills, but don't change it too much and make it 'pretty' or too modern.

'Keeping It Real' is paying homage to the men and women who created this music while their people were throwing off the shackles of slavery and deprivation in the Deep South of the Mississippi Delta.

Jim's own style has developed and grown from folk roots, through Travis picking and ragtime, flirting with the Delta Blues and now coming back full circle to the original and powerful blues of masters such as Lightnin' Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Mance Lipscombe and Big Bill Broonzy.