Jim Larrison

Executive and Founder in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Internet junkie focused on how the worlds of advertising, online media, and entertainment converge to drive meaningful changes in our cultures, behaviors and economies.

One of the first employees at Influentials.net, Adify, comScore Media Metrix, and eScan. Currently GM & Co-Founder of Dynamic Signal a new social media platform company offering brands tools and systems to build their own brand communities.

Deep background in understanding and driving deep understandings around consumer behaviors online and building massive data collection and discovery platforms to enable effective and efficient mining for undiscovered consumer trends, attitudes, and opinions. Driven by a never ending drive for understanding and creativity. I have been working in the internet space since early 1996 and have been involved in multiple successful businesses started online.

My drive and reason to exist comes from the enduring expedition to understand human behavior and all the data we are able to access in our hyper connected world. I believe the Internet is the most revolutionary development since the printing press, primarily because it brings together rich multimedia, never ending creativity, and unlimited information and consumer behavior.

I love to hear about new ideas and Internet multimedia and behavioral data professional driven by the constant innovation and drive inherent in the interactive space. With a rich and deep background in consumer behavior and technology, I hope this great ride will never end!

"People say, 'When you make it to the NBA, don't forget about me.' I feel like telling them, 'Well, if I don't make it, make sure you don't forget about me.' "
-- William Gates, in the final scene of "Hoop Dreams"

I live in the Chicagoland area, but I travel across the US for business on a regular basis. Ping me if for a free drink anytime, I am sure I will be in your town soon enough.

You can reach me at: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or on Skype @ jim.larrison or through Google Voice at 801.686.8584

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    • Bradley University
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