Jim Hunt

Web Developer, Consultant, and Writer in the United Kingdom

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Are you tired of wrestling with your finances? Jim Hunt, CEO of VTA Publications is giving away proven strategies for wealth that the big banks and the investment market don't want you to know. Hunt is also a successful financial analyst and investor that is well known for his precise predictions of the stock market. Hunt has revealed secrets that has allowed many Fortune 500 companies to maintain their success. Hunt advises his clients to make financially sound decisions about their future and investments. He knows that being smart about your money is the first step in rebuilding your or gaining wealth.

Hunt has embarked on a new investment strategy that consists of making his mum a millionaire. His goal is to make her a tax-free millionaire with under ten trades. Many people have lost their faith in the current financial stock market because of the lack of transparency. Hunt invites his clients to his YouTube channel to get advise on actual stock market trades. He uses his own money to to invest in the stock market and reports the actual results to his viewer's. Hunt believes that having an upfront channel devoted to stocks will help newcomers and professional investors additional trading advice.

Hunt became popular with his Wealth Wave tutorials that give away the secrets to biblical wealth. Others have been able to transform their wealth through one or more of the 5,600+ financial strategies associated with his VTA Publications course. You're taking your financial future in your own hands and being guided by the advice and strategies of Hunt. Hunt believes that a lot of people fail to live out their dreams because they are listening to their naysayers. Hunt advises you to hang with positive people that can finance your future. Jim Hunt invites you to visit his official VTA Publications website for more details.